On to the Next One

Assistant Captain Chris Kelly (Photo:slidingsideways/flickr)

After last nights disappointing 3-0 loss to the bottom of the barrel ranked Carolina Hurricanes, I think it’s safe to say the Bruins are in a rut. So how will the Bruins manage to claw themselves out of the hole they’ve created with a matinee game against the Pittsburgh Penguins  just around the corner? The team took to ice at Ristuccia rink this morning to try and work out the kinks. Assistant captain Chris Kelly says the team needs to go back and work on the little things that have made them successful in that past.

“We’re a much more capable team that what we’re showing, we’re not doing the basic things. We’re not doing the little things that made us successful, that made us a good hockey team.” (@buzztap.com)

The Bruins have gone 4-4-1 in their last nine games and in order to improve this record the B’s are going to need to figure out what has made them the team that everyone strives to beat.

Lines were the same today at practice and everyone was on the ice except for Nathan Horton. It appears that Horton will not be playing tomorrow and will miss his fourth straight game due to a mild concussion. I think that the team is definitely missing the energy of Horton on the ice right now. However, a ray of light came from Claude Julien regarding Horton;

“Horton is feeling better and might get on a bike as early as today” (@nhlbruinstwitter)

Though Julien kept the lines the same, I’m wondering if switching them up might benefit the team. I absolutely wouldn’t touch the Marchand-Bergeron-Seguin line as it has produced the most points this season. Clearly that line works well together. I would really like to see if Benoit Pouliot gets moved to a different line. I think Pouliot definitely has potential, but being goal-less in the last ten games is something that needs to improve.

The Bruins will in fact find a way to bounce back from this slump. The only way to do so is to figure out what works and what hasn’t been. I think scoring wise we need to pick it up. Cam Ward  of the Hurricanes stopped 47 shots and earned that shut out. We need to find better scoring opportunities and get back to the times when we were outscoring our opponents like it was nothing. Julien said;

“Like every other team, we’ll work our way out of this…it’s about bringing our tempo and work ethic up”(@nhlbruinstwitter)

We’ll see what happens come tomorrow’s game against Pittsburgh.


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