Dynamic Duos: Destructive or Beneficial?

Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand at the end of warm-ups (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Looking at the Bruins roster you can pin point at least three ‘dynamic-duos’, from the obvious Marchand-Seguin and Lucic-Horton to the not so obvious Krejci and Seidenberg. While it’s great that these players get along so well with each other on and off the ice, does it pose a problem when one of the two has to sit out?

Some people say that so-called ‘bromances’ can harm a team, in that they can’t play a game without each other. However, that isn’t the case for forwards Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin, two of the most talented players in the League right now.

Coming into the season Seguin was a third line floater, playing at both center and the wings as he was needed. It wasn’t until October 28 that he would find his home on the Patrice Bergeron line with his buddy Brad Marchand. This line became unstoppable posting points in the blink of an eye helping their team soar to the top of the standings as their ‘October slump,’ would come to an end. By January 7, 2012 they had registered 38 goals and 48 assists between the three of them, Seguin with a league high plus-rating.  However, the dynamic of the line was put to the test as Marchand received a 5-game suspension after a “predatory low hit” he placed on Vancouver Canucks Sami Salo in their first match up since the Stanley Cup Final.

Without Marchand in the line up Seguin and Bergeron registered 4 goals and 4 assists with Benoit Pouliot filling in. Statistics wise, it would be easy to say that the suspension didn’t do any harm and that the versatility of all the players worked out in their favor. The question remaining, would the Seguin-Bergeron-Marchand line be able to pick up where they left off or would they stumble like they did in the opening part of the season, trying to find their way?  The challenge showed no match for the three musketeers as they have gone on to register another 5 goals and 6 assists put together in their last six games.

Out of the Bruins last 181 shots on goal in the last six games, Bergeron, Marchand and Seguin have registered 47, that’s just under a third of the shots scored. To say they aren’t the Bruins problem is an understatement. The rotating first line has undoubtedly been the most promising for the Bruins as they have succumbed to their second straight loss, slowly falling back into the slump that they started this season out with. The problem is, this line can’t carry the whole team, it’s going to take a full sixty minute effort with every one pitching in to get this team back to the Cup Final where they belong.


Statistics information from: Boston Bruins Official Site



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