Hindering Hamill

Zach Hamill (Photo Credit: Bridget Samuels/Flickr)

Forward Zach Hamill has been placed on waivers as of noon time February 6, with the intent of being assigned to Providence.  This means that any team around the National Hockey League can claim him before noon time today. If a team does claim Hamill, the team will inquire the rest ofHamill’s $1,316,667 annual cap hit.(via Globe Fluto)

The Vancouver native who was drafted 8th overall in the first round of the 2007 NHL Entry Draft has played in 68 games for the Providence Bruins and registered 9 goals and 34 assists for 43 points. In his last four games he has registered no goals and no assists for the fourth line, causing this move to be expected.

Hamill is a restricted free agent at the end of this season meaning, prior to age 25, his rights are kept by his old team. Even if another team offers him a contract, it can be matched by his old team. Thus the player is RESTRICTED in who he can sign with.

This move should come as no surprise to the Bruins fan base as Hamill has no recorded points since December 13th when he posted an assist against the Los Angeles Kings. (via Official Boston Bruins)

The positives if Hamill stays within the organization:

  • The Providence Bruins keep an experienced player on their roster who can enlighten new guys on what to expect if/when they get the call up.
  • He continues to grow as a player within the organization and earn a full-time position on the Bruins roster.
  • He becomes a more experienced player with much more potential and has the opportunity and ability to work on his weaknesses with the organization he was signed with.
  • He learns how to take a hard and heavy hit.
While Hamill still has a way to go before he becomes a full-time NHL player, he does show some sings of potential. He has showed fans this season that he is capable of scoring and contributing to some decent plays. However, he lacks the strength and agility to keep up with the pace of the higher level game. Once he is able to easily adjust to the change, we will be looking at a decent third or fourth line player.

We will keep this article updated as more information becomes available as to whether or not we will continue to see Hamill kicking around the Boston area.


UPDATE: Peter Chiarelli has announced that forward Zach Hamill has been assigned to the Providence Bruins. (via @NHLBruins)


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