Less Talk, More Goals

Tim Thomas needs to regain his focus (Photo:Slidingsideways/Flickr)


How does a team go from winning a Stanley Cup to lowing to bottom tier teams? Just ask the Boston Bruins who have lost three of their last four games and were shut out for the fourth time this season last night against the Buffalo Sabres. Though the Bruins are basically Boston’s best hope for winning another championship this year with the Red Sox’s in a state of rebuilding, the Patriots losing the Super Bowl, and the Celtics slowly but steadily finding themselves, the B’s have found themselves struggling to play a complete 60 minutes of hockey.

“We laid an egg last night. A couple calls didn’t go our way, and it just snowballed from there,” said forward Shawn Thornton (via CSNNE.com)

The Bruins had many opportunities to score against the Sabres including one that from the looks of it went it but was ruled off as goaltender interference. So how does a team that was doing so well suddenly find themselves struggling to score a goal? To start Coach Claude Julien put the boys through probably one of their toughest practices of the season.

Coach Julien said, “we need those kinds of practices once in a while to right the ship” (via @NHLBruins)

Julien also hoped that today’s practice would serve as a wake up call for the team. While lines stayed the same, and Nathan Horton was once again absent from practice, the team did a lot of one on one drills and hard skating exercises. I definitely think the fact that the team is off until Saturday should be used to their benefit. This team is missing the intensity and focus they once had and their stats represent this.

Captain Zdeno Chara finished this game with a -3 rating, his worst of the season while David Krejci skated around looking disinterested and losing 8 out 10 of his faceoffs (via CSNNE.com). As trade deadlines get closer and closer, I’m starting to wonder if Chiarelli will be making big moves to the defensive lines. I think defense has been one of our weaknesses lately but the fact that we haven’t been registering the amount of goals we were in past months is also disheartening.

I just think the boys need to get their heads in the game. Timmy I’m talking to you on this one when I say the players need to step away from making their political/religious views their central focus. I respect players for what they believe in but I think that at this point their playing needs to be what’s most important. This fan is staying optimistic, we’ve seen the boys at lull’s before and this is just another one. Let the rebuilding begin…


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