Beast of the Beasts:Milan Lucic

Beast of the Beasts, Milan Lucic (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

After some deliberation we have decided to run a weekly column featuring the ‘Beast of the Beasts’, typically your Bruins Player of the Week. We will be judging players based on their performance on the ice, point standings, freaking awesome fisticuffs, if they say something truly inspiring. Basically, whatever tickles our fancy and we find to be interesting and worthy of making an example out of. Our disclaimer is that we promise to keep it strictly non-pink hat.

To kick us off, this week’s ‘Beast of the Beasts‘ is forward Milan Lucic. Lucic is the first player in the NHL to break 100 penalty minutes and score 20 goals this season. He played a humongous role in Saturday’s game against the Nashville Predators scoring within the last 1:07 seconds remaining in regulation, sending the game to overtime.  In the last five games Lucic has registered 16 shots on net and recorded 2 goals.

View Milan’s goal HERE. (via @dafoomie)

Along with being a stellar athlete on the ice for the Bruins, he has been just as impressive with his fans off the ice hosting the 5th annual PJ Drive at the Target in Watertown.  Previously this year Milan donated $5,000 of his own money to help bring military members and their families to a game in the month of November as well as hosting his annual Rock & Jock Celebrity Softball game for a local charity.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our post on who we are going to be nominating for this week’s ‘Beast of the Beasts‘, we’ll be asking for your input to help make our decision.



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