Cashing In

Brad Marchand at Bruins Casino Night (Photo Credit: Shredboston/circlingthewagon)

The Boston Bruins are gearing up to host their annual Casino Night tonight at The State Room in Boston. It’s a fun time where you can get to know your Boston Bruins while raising money for the Boston Bruins Foundation. They are charging $250 for VIP tickets.

From 5:00-6:00pm you will have full access to the players lounge, giving you the perfect opportunity to have a nice chat and even a photo taken with your favorite Bruin.  From 6:00-9:00 the rest is general admission(costing $150 if you didn’t purchase VIP) where you play casino games hosted by players and eat the complimentary food while sipping on some wine.

The casino games themselves are not played with actual money, but with $1,000 worth of chips that hold no face value. So ladies and gentlemen 21 and over go dig your nice dress-up clothes out of the closet and hang with the Bruins for the night in some good, clean fun. Sounds like a perfect way to end a weekend and gear up for the work week ahead.

For tickets and more information, email the Boston Bruins Foundation at: or call 617.624.1981. All information can be found at the Boston Bruins Official Website



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