On The Road Again

Can the B's Win this Road Trip? (Credit:Slidingsideways/Flickr)

Last nights home game came and went and now it’s time for a six game, eleven day road trip for the Boston Bruins. Tonight the Bruins head to Montreal to start the roadie and what better way against my LEAST favorite team. Nothing like a little rivalry to get the blood going. Coach Claude Julien hopes this trip will help the team find themselves.

“Somehow we’ve got to use this road trip here to turn things around,” he said. “But there’s no easy way out – I’ve never heard of an easy way out”. (Via Boston Bruins Official Site)

Julien is right if you ask me; the B’s definitely need to step it up and soon as they are now 9 points behind the New York Rangers (the team they lost too last night) in the Eastern Conference and are holding onto 1st in the Northeast Division by a mere 4 points.

The roadtrip will take the Bruins to 3 Canadian cities and 3 in the states. It starts in Montreal tonight, Winnipeg Friday, Minnesota Sunday, St. Louis Wednesday, and then back to back Saturday and Sunday games against Buffalo and Ottawa. Every game in this trip is important. Ottawa, Montreal, and Buffalo are all in the Northeast division. Winnipeg is 12 points behind us in the Eastern conference. And St.Louis and Minnesota are two teams in the Western Conference that we could potentially battle for the Stanley Cup against.

This season the Bruins have played 24 away games and have won 16 of them. One of those wins came from Overtime and four of them were shootout victories. But regardless a win is a win and the team needs to figure out how to win again.

This trip won’t be easy but fortunately the team has added insurance by bringing the extra forward ( Josh Hennessy) and defenseman (Andrew Bodnarchuk) along for the journey. Also having two star goalies in Tim Thomas, and Tuukka Rask is certainly helpful. Consistency is the teams biggest issue right now.Captain Zdeno Chara agrees and said the following about the upcoming week:

“We need to have a solid, solid trip and it obviously starts tomorrow with the first game out of those six games.”(Via Boston Bruins Official Site)

As to whether or not this trip will help the team find the success they’ve had so much in the past, well we’ll just have to wait and see!


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