Marchand Avoids Second Suspension

Brad Marchand Avoids Second Suspension This Season (Credit:Slidingsideways/Flickr)

Remember that time earlier in the season when the Bruins played the Canucks and Brad Marchand got called for a clipping penalty? The call was against Sami Salo and not only did Marchy get a five minute penalty and a game misconduct from it, but he also received a five-game suspension. Last night Marchand was involved in a similar call against the Montreal Canadiens Alexei Emelin at the end of the second period.

Emelin went down and Marchand went to the box but the Habs defenseman was fine for the start of the third period. The difference between the two penalties is where the contact that was made. The hit to Emelin was much higher than hip to knee and I think that makes the difference in the rulings. Not going to lie when Marchy got the call I got a little nervous because it just looked like an unnecessary cheap shot.

Today the little ball of hate was interviewed and to no one’s surprise the hit came up. Here’s what he had to say:

“Whenever we get together with the Canadiens you know it’s going to be a physical game,” said Marchand. “We’re big boys and we can take a hit. I think it’s just that in a game between our two teams the refs are watching pretty closely and it was something they thought should have been a penalty.” (via CSNNE)

The Boston Herald has reported that the NHL does not have any scheduled hearings today so it looks as though the nose faced killah will get off with a minor penalty and be able to continue on the 11 day roadtrip.



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