Peverley Out, Hennessy In

Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

While the Boston Bruins are making their way westward to gear up for a game against the Winnipeg Jets Friday night, Rich Peverley is taking a plane back to Boston.  In Wednesday night’s match up against the Montreal Canadiens, Peverley took a knee-to-knee hit for Hal Gill in the third period and never returned.  He is heading back to Boston where they will conduct a further examination.

“We don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s severe enough for it to get looked at by or doctors.”-Claude Julien (via Boston Herald)

Peverley has been dealing with personal matters off an on throughout the season as well as a ‘minor injury’, missing the road trip in mid January.

Without Peverley in the line-up, that opens the doors for Massachusetts native Joshua Hennessy to play in his first ever NHL game. Hennessey was signed by the Bruins on July 2 in a one-year two-way contract and spent the last off-season recovering from an ACL injury and knee surgery.

“Working hard is eventually rewarded, and I need to keep pushing. I’m treating this with an open mind. Obviously there’s spots taken, but I plan to compete for those that aren’t. I’m treating this as a breath of fresh air, and maybe a new set of eyes watching my game will see what I can bring.”(via ESPN Boston)

Hennessy was drafted two spots ahead of center Patrice Bergeron in 2005 and has been trying to earn his spot ever since. While he admits he was a little jealous of Bergeron, admittedly he is just as intrigued and inspired with his play as the rest of us.

“What he’s done since suffering that concussion is amazing. It was also amazing how quickly he originally transferred to the NHL in his first season and he’s proven a lot of people wrong.”(via ESPN Boston)

Hennessy will get the chance to prove himself to prior teams and Bruins fans tomorrow night against the Winnipeg Jets in hopes of earning a spot on the Bruins roster. Hennessy said it’s unfortunate that injuries present him with the opportunity to return to the NHL, but he’d make the most of the chance. (via @NHLBruins)



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