Remember That Time Tyler Seguin Shined in the Playoffs?!

Celebrating After Game Two! (Credit: Ariana Chapin)

Happy Hockey Weekend Across America =)
So this weekend acupabruin as well as all the other aerys NHL pages will be posting memories and excperiences celebrating our love of hockey!

Today is Wear Your Hockey Jersey Day so obviously I’m repping my black and gold like no other today!
My favorite hockey memory as of now is from Game Two of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning. I was lucky enough to get to go to this game (thank you tax money!). That game was the night that Tyler Seguin became a star.

I had been following Seguin all season mostly because of the hype. Boy wonder didn’t exactly live up the expectations people had so it was understandable come Stanley Cup playoff time that he would be benched for the Habs series and the Flyers. He was told to wait for his chance, that it would come to him, and it did. Unfortunately it was because of an injury to Patrice Bergeron.

So Seggy took the opportunity and seized scoring three goals and three assists in two games. I was at the game he got two goals and two assists at, a game we won and that was probably one of the best nights of my life. Being at the TD Garden any night is crazy but come playoff time, the intensity is almost overwhelming. I honestly don’t think I stopped shaking that entire game. But I believed, like the rest of the Bruins fan base and look what happened!!

I hope everyone is enjoying Hockey Weekend! I know I am with the B’s playing twice this weekend!


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