Tough Times for the B’s

David Krejci is one positive the Bruins have right now! (Credit:Slidingsideways/Flickr)

And I thought today was supposed to be HAPPY  hockey day in America. Steph gave a live blog of the game so I’m going to give you my thoughts on what needs to change for the Boston Bruins. Today was the fourth shutout for the Bruins since the beginning of February and at this point it’s getting very difficult to sit through a game and not want to throw everything around me. The more this teams falls in a slump, the more I want Chiarelli to start really looking into making some deals. Don’t get me wrong, I love the roster we have right now and I would love to see all of our free agents re-signed this season, but I think we need something fresh on the team.

The Bad (starting with this because I know we’re all thinking it):
Shutout loss. To me there’s losing, then there’s being shut out. Nicklas Backstrom got a career  high 48 saves and this is the third time this month that the Bruins have had over 40 shots on net with NONE of them actually being goals.
Where’s our Power Play? Before today, in the 11 games that the B’s have played against the Minnesota Wild we are 0-35 on the power play (via @nhlbruins). I really wish that was a joke. Though they only had one power play opportunity, it basically just came and went.
Inconsistent, inconsistent, inconsistent. Right now when I think of our the Bruins, I think of this word. In every interview, day after day, some player or coach mentions that they need to work on being consistent. I think they need to stop talking about it and just do it. We have the talent and sure, we’re hurting without Horty or Pevs, but to have the consistency we clearly need, EVERY player needs to step up. There are many games to go, the B’s just need to find their niche and soon.

The Good:
Tough Players. Looch, Chara, and Thornton were all voted three of the toughest players in the NHL and today they played like it. Thorty had a fight in the third against Kassian and took some hard shots to the head. This fight to me showed our frustrations. Lucic had possibly the best chance to score all night, but Backstrom denied him. You could tell he thought it was going in because when it was stopped, all he could do was slam his stick down. Yep, more frustrations. I’m keeping this section positive though because they worked hard for the full sixty minutes and it’s a shame they couldn’t get at least one goal in.
David Krejci. I know he’s been in a slump lately, but today I saw him making some great shots on net and it’s really unfortunate none of them went in. That slump he had went away the second he scored against Winnipeg on Friday and it’s great to have Krejci back. I see some big games coming up for him.

I wish I had more positive things to say, but right now I’m too frustrated. I think that this team really needs to snap out of this funk and pull it together soon. The B’s are off until Wednesday and hopefully they use this break to figure out what they’ve been lacking.


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