Big Bad Bruins

Milan Lucic voted the NHLPA's Toughest Player (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

On Sunday February 20, poll results were posted by the NHLPA on the toughest players in the NHL. Care to take a stab at who was at the top of that list? While we all know the Bruins pride themselves in their style of play and physicality, proving they have each other’s backs in any given situation, only one holds the “Tough” title. Recently we voted him as our Beast of the Beasts, he helped give the Bruins their win against the Nashville Predators by sending them into overtime. . . Still need help? The player voted as the toughest player in the league is 6-foot-4, 220lb Milan Lucic.

Getting word of the honor Lucic stated:

 “It’s an honor to be recognized by the people around the league as being a tough player. For myself, you take a lot of pride in that just because of the way I play and have to keep that up.”(via Boston Bruins Official Website)

In 56 games Lucic has 20 goals, 22 assists and 109 penalty minutes. He was the first player in the NHL to achieve 20 goals AND 1oo penalty minutes this season. For goals he is one of two team-leaders, the other being Tyler Seguin who also has 20 goals this season and he falls short by only 13 penalty minutes to Shawn Thornton.

While frustration has seemed to set in with the forward after Sunday’s 2-0 loss against the Wild, this achievement provides a breath of fresh air for the Bruins. While they may be struggling, they are still being recognized for their efforts. Along with Lucic, Patrice Bergeron was voted the most underrated player in the League while Zdeno Chara was recognized as being the hardest defenseman to play against and having the hardest shot.(No kidding!)



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