Bruins Beast the Blues

Brad Marchand led the B's to a 4-2 win tonight (Credit:Slidingsideways/ Flickr)

FINALLY! I had to get the excitement out of my system because I wasn’t sure if I (or the team) could handle another loss tonight. Well fortunately myself, my partners here at A Cup A Bruin, and the B’s can get a nice happy night of sleep because we WON! Tonight marked the end of the St. Louis Blues’ 21 game regulation winning streak at home. To be honest, I really enjoy ending other teams winning steaks (insert evil laugh here).

Anyway Steph gave a pretty awesome in game blog found here so I’m going to focus on the players and moments of the game that help get the team out of the slump

1. Strong Opening Period

Both teams started off clearly going for the W. The Bruins notched the first goal thanks to a beautiful wrist shot by Brad Marchand. That would be his 20th goal of the season. I think I enjoyed this one the most because he had it, lost it, and got it back. Oh yeah and scored it 2:29 into the game. Great start! Milan Lucic followed it up with a slap shot 4 minutes later and when I say Joe Corvo let that puck rip to him, I’m not joking. That was Lucic’s big 2-1st of the season, and made him leading goal scorer for the team. Naturally the Blues had to retaliate back with two goals of their own but that’s not important because I’m celebrating the Bruins. Chris Kelly,aka my favorite unsung hero, ended the 1st with his 15th goal of the season and that gave the B’s a 3-2 lead that would carry over to the third.

2. Carter Camper

Talk about a breath a fresh air for the B’s. Camper played in his first NHL game EVER and though he was only on the ice for 6:21 he made quite an impression. In the first period, the rookie went 4-4 on face offs. I have a feeling this one will be around for a bit.

3. Brad Marchand

This was Marchy’s game without a doubt tonight. I mentioned his 1st period goal but that wasn’t the last the Blue would see of the Nose Faced Killah. In the third, Claude Julien decided to mix up the lines and put Marchy with Krejci and Looch in with Seguin and Bergeron. The result was a breakaway goal for Marchand, tying him for leading goal scorer with Lucic at 21 goals. I swear when Marchand and Seguin on ice together, it’s like they have telepathy because they literally always seem to know where the other one is.

On the win tonight, Marchand had this to say:

“It’s been a few games- the longest slump I’ve had in a while, so it was nice to get the monkey off the back” (via @NHLBruins)

Over all I think that this win was a win for the entire team. Seven of the players had either a goal or an assist tonight and I hope that from here we can only continue to improve. Goaltender was great too as Tim Thomas for 30 for 32 on shots on net. It was a solid effort and a well deserved victory against a good team.

The B’s are off tomorrow but continue their road trip against my not so favorite Buffalo Sabres on Friday night.



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