Mouthy Marchand At It Again

Marchand's mouth is getting him in trouble. . . again. (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Brad Marchand is known around the League for his seemingly big mouth and chirping on the ice, earning names like “Little Ball of Hate”, “Honey Badger”, “Nose Faced Killah” among others. Today he was criticized after his statements in an interview with a Boston Sports radio station. Apparently Marchand made a statement about how cold the city of Buffalo, New York is and of course, it was severely misinterpreted.

As if the feud between Boston sports fans and New Yorkers isn’t bad enough, it grew today as Marchand’s innocent words were spun as insulting to the city of Buffalo.

“It’s just a little cold in Buffalo and I’m allergic to the cold, so it came up,” said Marchand after this afternoon’s practice in Buffalo’s First Niagara Center.”The people here have always been very friendly and very nice. By no means [was it] a shot at them –- they’re great people –- I’m just joking around.” (via Bruins Official Website)

As if the Bruins haven’t been in the media spotlight enough lately, what with Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask making headlines as of late, it was to no surprise that media reporters asked Claude Julien’s thoughts on the issue:

“I’ll just speak for myself and say certainly not my thought.”

It appears a simple, silly little statement got blown out of proportion and reporters were trying to stir the pot by making mountains out of a mole hill. Marchand assured the people of Boston and New York that he in no way meant to offend anyone and was only referring to the weather, as it is usually rainy or cold when the Bruins are in town. When asked if he thought it would affect the game tomorrow night, he stated:

“It shouldn’t it has nothing to do with hockey.”

It’s no question there is already some haste between the Buffalo Sabres and Boston Bruins, even though it has been months since the hit on Miller. While the Sabres may hold a grudge against Boston, the Bruins are in no way allowing this little misconception get in the way of their game. In fact, it would appear the team is more focused than ever.


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