The Untouchable Line

Bergeron, Marchand, & Seguin Celebrate a Goal (Credit:Slidingsideways/Flickr)

Through the up’s and down’s of the past two weeks of Bruins games there has been one line that has continued to shine. While most of the lines have been switched up and mixed around to get better results, this one line has stayed the same three players. It should be no surprise that I’m talking about the Brad MarchandPatrice Bergeron Tyler Seguin line.

Combined the three players have 58 goals and 80 assists in this season alone. Last night against the St.Louis Blues, Marchand racked up two goals to put him as the leading goal scorer of the team with Milan Lucic as 21 goals. Bergeron and Seguin each picked up an assists on his goals. Together it seems as though this line is unstoppable.

Because the rest of the lines haven’t quite measured up to the talents on this line, there has been some debate as to whether or not it would make sense for Coach Claude Julien to mix the trio up. The only time this has happened was last night towards the end of the game when Marchand was switched with Milan Lucic. That didn’t stop Marchy from getting a pass from Seguin and making the score 4-2. But beside this the line has remained untouchable.

I think the reason for the success of this line is the chemistry they have on and off the ice. It’s very rare to see Marchy with Seggy a few steps behind. I like to look at Bergeron as the older responsible role model of the three. The simple fact remains is that this line works well and you have to look no further than the goals and assists to see that.



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