Trade Deadline Dwindling

P.A. Parenteau could be just what the Bruins need heading into the playoffs. (Photo Credit: Dinur/Flickr)

With a thin trade market this year and the deadline nearing, GM Peter Chiarelli has some tough decision making to do. While it is likely the Bruins will be going into the playoffs with generally the same roster as last season, a couple minor tune-ups wouldn’t hurt.

The number one rumor for the Bruins circulating as of late is Washington Capitals‘ Mike Knuble. Knuble has been a healthy scratch for the Caps as of late to which Coach Dale Hunter explained, was due to a poor plus/minus rating. Knuble was demoted to the fourth line back in late October and hasn’t registered a point for the Capitals since December 5. While his performance has been much like a roller coaster, statistics aren’t always the full story. Despite all of this, Knuble’s veteran game and great defensive presence would benefit the Bruins,especially helping fill the void of Peverley and Horton.

There has also been some skepticism of Ray Whitney joining the Bruins roster. While the Bruins have struggled to fill spots due to injury as of late, it was no question the shoes of Mark Recchi were hard to fill. With a player like Ray Whitney on the roster, the Bruins would fulfill a similar leadership roll. Whitney has played in 61 games this season and posted 17 goals and 31 assists for 48points, similar statistics to that of Nathan Horton.

While Rick Nash has been scoped out by seemingly every team in the League, in order to aquire him the Bruins would need to sacrifice a lot to bring him in, which is something they aren’t willing to do. They’re trying to go with the less is more aspect.

Taking a look at the UFA(Unrestricted Free Agents) of 2012, there is only one other person that sticks out to me. P.A. Parenteau of the New York Islanders. Parenteau has had a breakout season this year with the Islanders registering 56points in 61 games played. While the majority of his career has been spent in the minors, this could be just what Boston needs for a Cup run. Someone who is able to put up the numbers and potentially fill an open roster spot.

While the clock is winding down and there are no definite, set in stone plans as to who,if any, will come to Boston, there is still the hope of Horton returning in time for a big finish. (Fingers crossed.)


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