Defenseman Down?

Boychuk is still a "little foggy" nearly 24 hours after receiving a heavy hit from Sens Chris Neil (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Bruins fans hung their head as they watched Johnny Boychuk get caught with his head down as Chris Neil planted a huge hit on the d-man sending him to the locker room for the remainder of the game. While the hit was clean, Boychuk was sent to the “Quiet Room” and was checked out by the Senators personnel as the rest of his teammates battled for victory over the Sens.

GM Peter Chiarelli told that his defenseman was still “a little foggy” this afternoon, nearly twenty four hours later. The team is expected to have  a full update on Boychuk on Monday morning.

Earlier today the Bruins universe got word that defenseman Andrew Bodnarchuk and forward Josh Hennessy had been sent back down to Providence. The assumption being that Shawn Thornton would be returning and that Boychuk along with Corvo would be able to play. As of now the “concussion’ word has yet to be uttered and it doesn’t appear it will be necessary with sources close to Boychuk reporting that he is ‘okay’ and ‘will be ready to play in the next tilt.’ Monday should prove to be an eventful day for Bruins fans as the trade deadline comes to a close and one of the fate of a key defenseman is unraveled. Stay tuned.




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