Beast of the Beasts: Patrice Bergeron

Patrice Bergeron earns himself three points in Saturday's game and this week's Beast of the Beasts (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

This week we turned to the polls to ask who you, our readers, thought deserved to be this week’s Beast of the Beasts to which you responded Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron. Bergeron, who was recently voted as the National Hockey League’s most underrated player by the NHLPA, has been a big part of the Bruins success as of late.

Bergeron was a second round draft pick, 73rd overall in the 2003 entry draft, the same year as Providence Bruin Josh Hennessy. Currently Bergeron is ranked 2nd in the League for his +/_ rating of 28 and is one of the teams top scorers with 19 goals, just three behind team leader Brad Marchand.

Bergeron was chosen this week for Beast of the Beasts because of the way he stepped up to the plate this week on the road with the absence of Peverley and Horton causing some serious wear and tear on the Bruins. In the last five games Bergeron has managed to post 13 shots on goal and register 2goals and 2 assists.

Last night’s game against the Ottawa Senators was more or less a showcase of the incredible talent Bergeron possesses. In the first period alone Bergeron had managed to net a goal and assist on the other to give the Bruins a one-goal lead going into the second period. The Bruins first first period lead since mid-January. In the second period Bergeron would showcase his talents in attempting a shot on goaltender Alex Auld that would hit him high in the shoulder and was the given to defensman Colin Greening. Bergeron would then intercept the puck from Greening and go on to fire yet another shot at Auld, which was also saved. Bergeron posted 9 shots on goal, tying his season high that dated back to October 20 as well as tying his season high for goals and assists in a single game. (vs Calgary on January 5)

In case you need a little more persuasion as to why Bergeron deserves to be this week’s Beast of the Beasts, here are a few videos for your entertainment.

He can score:

He can fight:

He can defend:

He creates GOLDEN opportunities:

He is a STANLEY CUP CHAMPION and he can rap:


Be sure to cast your vote on who you think deserves to be the next Beast of the Beasts!


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