Tyler Seguin (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)


Seguin gets dealt for Nash

Rich Nash was a wanted man today for the trade deadline and the Bruins finally capitalized on gaining the high-priced player.

Speculation has it that the Bruins Tyler Seguin is being traded for Columbus Blue Jackets Rick Nash!! Yes, you read that correctly, Seguin is being dealt to Columbus to boost the morale(and possibly his ego more) while Nash will shine here in Boston. It seems as though Seguin has been proposed to by every Bostonian female and needs to see the other fish in the sea.

Seguin leaves Boston with 20 goals and 28 assists, becoming the leading scorer for the Blue Jackets! Congratulations Tyler and we look forward to seeing you, er, succeed?

DISCLAIMER: This post is strictly for humor purposes only. None of the information provided here is factual. Seguin is staying with Boston and Columbus is still daydreaming of big money for Nash.



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