Every Streak Comes to an End…

Shawn Thornton is back to his usual antics (Credit:Slidingsideways/Flickr)

Unfortunately it just had to be against a team that WAS three points behind us in the Northeast Divison (now one point). Until tonight, the last time the Ottawa Senators beat the Boston Bruins was November 13th, 2010. Oh yeah and we were 4-0 against them this season. But things change and streaks need to end and well this game was frustrating. Not only did they lose, but they were shutout by one point. For a play by play account look here but I’m going to break it down by my random thought process.

First and Second Period Sucked:
I’m sorry but they were. Coach Claude Julien agreed and said in a post game interview:

“Those first two periods were painful to watch …picked it up in the third” (Via NHLBruins).

In the first two periods, the Bruins only managed to get 15 shots on net while the Senators had 32. Those first forty minute were just lackluster and to be honest it really didn’t look like there was anything going in any of the players heads. Four of the seven points in the first were from the Bergeron line. If that’s not a clear indication for why the rest of the team needs to step up I’m not sure what is.

Were the New Guys Supposed to Save the Day?
Brian Rolston and Mike Mottau aka our newest players really didn’t make much of an impact despite having a decent amount of playing time. In fact Rolston got a penalty. In his defense it was a pretty lame call by the referees but still. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one because they are new. However, this benefit will probably only last til the next game because I’m aggravated.

Is Flu Season Over Yet?
Not yet but it is for Shawn Thornton. Thornton skated with his usually aggression which was well needed through out the game. He had a few decent scoring chances in the second and third periods but unfortunately just couldn’t connect. I also really enjoyed watching Thornton have a few words with Kyle Turris. In care you aren’t familiar, Turris is the player Joe Corvo said he was going to fight because of the hit he laid on Corvo last weekend. Which leads me too…

Whimp Out Much?!
Despite Corvo saying he was going to seek revenge upon Turris, the game says other wise. I have never seen someone make so much of an effort to not man up before. I’m wondering if the coaches had anything to do with this. But then again, Corvo really isn’t one to get into a fight. Regardless if there is one thing I hate in life in general is backtrackers. If you say something DO IT! (This could also be me really enjoy hockey fights)

Thank God February is Over!!!
February over all was not a good month to be a Boston Bruins…or a fan of the B’s for that matter. The team finished this month with a 5-8 record and were shut out five times. Injuries, and illness are really just excuses for a team that needs to figure out how to be…wait for it..CONSISTENT!

The Bruins are off tomorrow but return on Thursday against the New Jersey Devils. Lets just hope that these kinks get worked out ASAP!


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