David Krejci Seals OT Win With a Hat Trick!

David Krejci is BACK! (Credit:Slidingsideways/Flickr)

Tonight the Boston Bruins took on the New Jersey Devils in a neck in neck game. Seriously we played the first 20 minutes, they played the second, the third was a free for all, and then over time came. And well all you need to do is read the title of this post to know what happened. Statistics are here but this post is focusing on my new favorite line which I am dubbing the “French Fries” line.

When I first saw that the lines were being switched up prior to tonight’s game, my initial reaction was why change up the Tyler Seguin- Patrice Bergeron- Brad Marchand line?! Well friends this is me saying CLAUDE KNOWS BEST because the Milan Lucic – David Krejci- Tyler Seguin line stole the show.

1:13 into the first period Seguin flew up the line and passed the puck over to Krejci who banged that sucker into the back of the net to give the B’s the first goal of the game. Not too long after Lucic came up the left side and gave it to Seguin who put it passed New Jersey for a 2-0 lead. Seguin picked up 2 points within the first 8 mins for that one.

Second period sucked …I’ll leave it at that.

Third period Krejci got his second goal of the night from an assist from Chara. And just like that the Bruins tied up the game 3-3.

Overtime happened and just like that Krejci got the winning goal and his second career hat trick. Not bad for a guy that’s been on a slump lately. I think this is a sign of great things to come for the team, well once we learn how to play a second period of hockey. But otherwise yay! I’m happy with the line changes and I hope that more progress will happen.

The Bruins return to the ice on Saturday for a matinee game against the New York Islanders.



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