Busted Up and Broken Down

MacDermid earns his spot as a Bruin today, fighting Mike Rupp on his first shift. (Photo Credit: Stephanie Vail)

The Bruins headed to Madison Square Garden this afternoon to take on the League-leading New York Rangers. They went into the game being down 0-2 in the series this season, with the Rangers beating them on January 21 and February 14.

The Bruins started off the first period sluggish and un-motivated allowing the Rangers to go up 2-0 in the opening minutes. They managed to regroup with a time out, but were still being careless with the puck, turning it over 50% of the time with two giveaways. Benoit Pouliot gave the Bruins some momentum to work with scoring a goal shortly after and Lucic helped with a matching battle against Brandon Prust as he demolished him, cracking him with the right to the head. Newcomer Lane MacDermid proved he belonged on his first shift as a Bruin challenging heavy hitter Mike Rupp to a fight and winning. The period ended with 2:53 left to go as Brian Rolston’s blast went high and busted a pane of glass.

To start off the second period (officially) Jordan Caron intercepted a pass from Rangers’ Girardi who got fooled by the Bruins line change, and snapped a shot past Lundvquist to tie the game giving him a goal and an assist in 26 minutes of playing. Caron has showed some good potential with the Bruins as of late and today showed he could arguably be a good fit on the Bergeron-Marchand line, if given the opportunity. The Rangers were only able to manage three shots on goal in the second period versus the Bruins ten, providing a strong second period effort by the struggling B’s.

Known as a third period team, Bruins fans expected to see the Bruins shine and come out with a victory going into it tied at two. Unfortunately, that standard would be shattered early on as a three-on-one was created giving Gaborik a shot on goal, which was saved, but they were able to capitalize on the rebound and go up 3-2. Brad Marchand would have seemingly two of the best of opportunities of the night, both which got past Lundvquist but somehow managed to bounce out of the goal and not cross the line. With eight minutes remaining in regulation Boychuk sent the puck up to Seguin who exploded through the middle to pass the puck to Lucic, who sent it over to Krejci for a beautiful finish to, once again, tie the game. As Bruins and their fans basked in the glory of Krejci tying the game, they were just as quickly deflated as Derek Stepan sailed one past Thomas and gave the Rangers their lead back with 7:39 remaining. Although the Bruins would get a power play in the final minutes of play and have some great chances with the man-advantage as they pulled goaltender Tim Thomas, they were unable to come up with the extra goal to send the game into Overtime and fell to the Rangers, yet again. As the buzzer sounded McDonaugh threw a cross-check at Lucic who would, in turn, nail him with not one, not two, but three, nice left hand jabs, ending the game.

While the Bruins wanted to break the sloppy second period habit and find consistency, the outcome wasn’t exactly what fans had hoped for. We can only hope come Tuesday as the Bruins take on the Toronto Maple Leafs they are able to come out int he first period with a bang and get the ball rolling.



4 thoughts on “Busted Up and Broken Down

  1. haha yeah often when I’m bored, I go through my flickr and post random pictures on tumblr. I need new pictures…hope to get some good ones on Thursday but it’s a different camera than I used to use, and it doesn’t work as well 😦

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