Make Room for Marty

Bruins fans already love him because he feels the same way about Pierre as we do!

Marty Turco has been signed with the Bruins for a one-year contract. He has been placed on waivers and if he clears(by 12pm Wednesday), he will join the team on Wednesday, March 7. However, because this acquisition happened after the deadline, he is ineligible to play in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Marty Turco is a 36 year old veteran who has been in the NHL since the 1994 draft. From 2001-2010 Turco was a member of the Dallas Stars, logging 509 games played with 266 wins. He is acquired from the Chicago Blackhawks whom he signed with as a free agent in August 2010. He appeared in just 29 games with an 11-11-3 record and .897 SV%.  He has set a career high in wins with 41 during the 2005-06 season with Dallas and has performed in 47 post-season games. (All with Dallas)

It will be interesting to see how Turco fits in with the Bruins, assuming he clears waivers, but it will especially be interesting to see the amount of playing time he gets in the next 19 games, before the playoffs hit. We could be seeing a lot of “Turco Time” from here on out, to preserve Thomas for the more important games that lie ahead. However, I’m thinking Turco will fit in just fine with the boys, what do you think?

Every team needs someone sneaky like this, right?

Need a little more persuasion? How about you read about the bet he placed with a fan DURING a game. Yes, you read that correctly. Check it here.


All statistical information provided by Yahoo! Sports.


7 thoughts on “Make Room for Marty

  1. just pointing out a little error –
    “However, because this trade happened after the deadline, he is ineligible to play in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.”

    It was a signing of a UFA, not a trade, but I think you already knew that!

  2. I think that Turco has a good chance of fitting in and perhaps finding his A-game, or at least B-game, again if he and Tim Thomas work well together. they have a lot in common – michigan ties (timmy from MI, turco played 4 yrs at u of michigan), played in europe to keep their careers alive, are in their upper 30s, both played college hockey, and so on. It’s hard to gauge Turco’s personality but from what I remember and am seeing now, he is a bit of a question mark ethically. that’s just my conjecture though.

    I found a few great passages written to analyse Turco’s game.

    “According to Dallas Stars News blogger Brad Gardner:
    The divisive goaltender spent years trying to answer questions about early exits from the playoffs, even while setting franchise records in the process. He finally answered his playoff critics, shutting the Canucks out three times in the first round in 2007, then brilliantly backstopping them to Game 6 of the 2008 WCF against Detroit, only to lose defensive veterans Zubov, Norstrum and Boucher the following season. Those losses, coupled with a new crop of young defensemen greatly changed Turco’s circumstances, inducing a two year slide that led to the Kari Lethonen trade, and Marty’s official exit today.”


    “In the book “Hockey Goaltending: Proven techniques for dominating the net”, released in 2008, author Brian Daccord says of Turco:
    Having a goalie who can handle the puck is a huge benefit for teams. Finding the combination of having the strength and skill to handle the puck as well as the goalie sens sense to make the right decisions is a slam dunk. Marty Turco of the Dallas Stars is one of those goalies who have the ability to fire a puck up the ice and understand how important it is that their team retain possession of the puck after they play it. Turco was one of the first NHL goalies to turn his glove over to clear and pass the puck, and this technique has become very popular.
    Marty Turco has been a star at every level of hockey he has played. In college he was the CCHA rookie of the year in 1995 and was named to the NCAA all-star tournament team in 1996 and 1998 when Michigan captures the national championship. In the NHL he apprenticed under Eddie Belfour before taking over the starting duties for the Stars in the 2002-2003 season. Tuco played in the NHL All-Star Game in 2003 and 2004 and tied te NHL record for most shutouts in one playoff series with 3 versus Vancouver in 2007. (p 223).”

  3. I am not sure why I feel so positive about Turco. I guess I have always liked him cause I liked Dallas a lot around that time, and I loved Belfour, and he did a good job of replacing Belfour (minus the whole winning in the playoffs). I hope he doesn’t prove me wrong by being a total dick!

  4. Right? If you look around the posts on other networks though, a lot of people like him as a player and all around guy, I actually haven’t read anything really negative on him as of yet. So, that’s a definite plus. I didn’t even realize he was a UFA until Ariana told me we signed him. I literally jumped for joy and squealed. (because that doesn’t sound fangirlish haha)

  5. haha yeah he was a UFA over the summer and nobody would sign him, so he went to play in a european league…the only problem is that if you leave the NHL to play in other leagues and then try to come back that season, you have to clear waivers. that’s why the Isles were able to nab Nabokov (see what I did there?) when he was going through waivers as a result of signing with Detroit, after spending the first part of the season in the KHL.

    the thing about him not being able to play in the playoffs because he was signed after the deadline is interesting to me because normally that would be upsetting but since the purpose seems to be to use turco as backup and occasional starter while waiting for tuukka, and tukkaa should (knocks on wood) be back for the playoffs, then turco’s inability to be in the playoffs would be irrelevant.

    Also, since he has such a bad reputation as a bad playoff goalie, it’s probably for the best.

    So far I’ve seen a lot of negativity and hatred towards Turco via the internets, especially youtube. Very few “highlights” and numerous videos showing him doing something dirty or simply titled “Turco is a piece of shit”. I think most of them are Canucks fans, so it makes sense, because he beat them in the playoffs as a Star and then again in regular season last year as a Blackhawk, haha.

  6. Lol, that very well could be. Hmm , I suppose time will tell. Bruins fans have a tenancy to like the odd ballers though, most of the time. . Corvo is a touchy situation (which will be posted about later) but aside from that, we like the attitude-y hot heads. . (cough cough *Marchand* cough cough)

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