Tuukka Time Sidelined

Was Saturday Tuukka's last game of the season? (Credit: Bridget Samuels/ Flickr)

Saturday during the Bruins game against the New York Islanders game, Tuukka Rask left the ice early with an undisclosed injury. Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli issued the following update today:

“Tuukka Rask sustained a lower abdomen strain/groin strain and will be sidelined 4-6 weeks.” (Via NHLBruins)

Because of that time frame and how many games are left, it doesn’t look as though Rask will return to play any regular season games.

The weight of the season just got a little bit heavier on Tim Thomas. This also means that Michael Hutchinson will probably stick around with the Bruins for a little bit longer.

Having two amazing goalies is something I think the team has benefited and now more than ever due to recent offensive slumps was necessary. Twitter is currently blowing up over the fact that at least Rask should be back in time for the playoffs. But the fact of the  matter is, we need him NOW to get to the playoffs.

Also, last year Thomas was the Bruins starting playoff goalie so Saturday might have been Rask’s last game of the 2011-2012 season.


2 thoughts on “Tuukka Time Sidelined

  1. The fact that Khudobin, who wouold be our go-to back up for the back up, is injured really makes the goal tending vulnerable because Hutchinson just is not a very good goalie. He is also so much younger and inexperienced, whereas Khudobin trained with the team all through the playoff run as a member of the Black Aces.

    I really think it’s genius that Chiarelli tried to fix the situation the best he could right now by signing Turco. Keep our fingers crossed that it works out!

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