Bruins Struck by Lightning

Caron was the Only Goal for the B's Tonight (Credit: Teka England/ Flickr)

Tonight marked Marty Turco‘s first start as a Boston Bruins. Despite all the injuries, the Bruins looked to get back on track and looked to start with the Tampa Bay Lightning. On ice warm ups indicated two things for the team. The first that it looks like Adam McQuaid‘s injury flared up during the day so he was not the ice. The second (and more positive) Patrice Bergeron was back on the ice despite a day to day injury. In the Lightning end is rookie Dustin Tokarski who is making his third straight start and searching for his first win.

The official scratches for the Bruins not counting the long term injuries (because the list just keeps growing) were McQuaid and Lane MacDermid. MacDermid as it turns out was reassigned to Providence. Trent Whitfield, a fellow Providence player, made the lineup.

2:04 in  Tom Pyatt decided to practice his soccer skills and “kick” the puck in. Except the referee’s didn’t see that even though Jack Edwards did. Needless to say this game started off bitter for me. 9 out of the last 11 now the B’s have given up the first goal. Oh and then at 17:34 Tampa scored again with Nate Thompson which is now the 4th time out of the last 6 the Bruin’s have given up two goals before scoring 1. At least UMass Basketball is playing in the NIT tourney one channel down…bright side anyone? Shawn Thornton follows up the goal with a roughing penalty giving the Lightning a power play. 15:29 hey power play goal for Tampa thanks to Ryan Shannon.

And with that Turco time comes to an end friends. So much for giving Tim Thomas the day off. The Bruins finally managed to get a shot on goal WAY to late in the game thanks to  Whitfield. That’s really the only good I can manage right now. 4:22 it’s 4-0  with a goal from Victor Hedman. 3:52 in Shawn Thornton needless to say destroys Mike Commodore in a fight, but really this was the only thing that kept me remotely intererested in the game. FIRST PERIOD IS OVER THANK YOUU!!!

Second period started and at least this time we waited threeish minutes for them to score. Steven Stamkos gets his 49th of the year and the Bruins get Turco back in net. This period was uneventful literally. Well at least Turco didn’t give up any goals “knocks on wood”. The Bruins do get a PP opportunity that will carry into the 3rd period but besides that, yeah uneventful.

Third period two minutes in Patrice Bergeron left with an injury as Johnny Boychuk laid a shot into net that looked like it was tipped in Jordan Caron. So at least it’s not a shutout now? Caron continues to impress but unfortunately he’s the only one. To me this game ended in the first four minutes. And then at 8:17 in the third, Stamkos got his big 50th of the goal. Welcome to the record books pal. Nothing else happened and I mean nothing.

So this game sucked. The Bruins continue their time in Florida with a game against the Panthers Thursday. I am hoping and praying to never have to watch a game so bad as this ever again. Someone find the Boston Bruins, you know the Stanley Cup winning ones and bring em back please.


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