Beast of the Beasts: Tyler Seguin & David Krejci

Krejci and Seguin have both seem to come alive in the past few games, being placed on the same line together. (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

This week A Cup A Bruin readers provided us with a tie for Beast of the Beasts. David Krejci and Tyler Seguin are provided with the honor of being in the spotlight, also known as the ‘french fries’ line.

The two have been playing on a line together for the past month or so as Cluade Julien attempted to change things up and try new things with the plaguing injuries that crept up on them.  In the past five games Krejci has managed to post two goals, both being against the Penguins, while Seguin has posted a goal and 2 assists. However, the speed and charisma they are bringing on the ice is what is helping give the Bruins a fighting chance.

The two have a certain chemistry on and off the ice, giving each other nicknames such as ‘franchise’ for Seguin and ‘french fries’ for Krejci, due to his accent. It has also been stated by road roommate (of Seguin) Gregory Campbell that the two are also very much into ‘ The Bachelor’ along with a few of the other ‘Big, Bad Bruins.’ With such a great dynamic off the ice, it is no wonder they thrive together on the same line.

Don’t forget to cast your vote for who YOU feel deserves to be this week’s Beast of the Beasts right here.


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