Bruins/Canucks: Battle of the . . . Girlfriends?

Milan Lucic and girlfriend Brittany Carnegie (Photo Credit: Brittany Carnegie(@BrittCarnegie))

There is no question that there is a bitter feud that comes to mind when the Boston Bruins are mentioned in the same sentence as the Vancouver Canucks in Boston and Vancouver alike. Apparently, the same goes for players’ girlfriends as well.

Avid Bruins fans that are on Twitter know that Milan Lucic’s girlfriend Brit Carnegie is an avid Bruins fan from Vancouver, just like Lucic. Much like Corey Schneider’s girlfriend Jill who is formerly from Massachusetts and is now a Canucks fan. No big deal right? You hop on the bandwagon to support your man. Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Take a look at a few tweets sent out from Brit Carnegie(@BrittCarnegie):


Now, Schneider is a Massachusetts native and former Boston College player and Bruisn fan, who now plays for Vancouver as the back up goaltender.  Jill, Schneider’s girlfriend is also a Massachusetts native, but hopped on the Vancouver bandwagon.So what is the big deal, is she pissed that Brit wore a Bruins hat in Vancouver, being a Vancouver native? Isn’t this hypocritical?

While there have yet to be any responses from Jill, the media hype can’t be good for either parties involved, with the playoffs beginning in the next few days and tempers already flaring, the guys really don’t need to be worrying about what their girlfriends are doing/saying online too.


2 thoughts on “Bruins/Canucks: Battle of the . . . Girlfriends?

  1. Probably not, but still, it doesn’t do well for publicity. I’m sure it doesn’t affect his game at all, but it might fuel some words between two teams that already don’t like each other very much.

    Agreed. Go Bruins 😀

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