Breaking News: Horton Skates!

Horton has missed 34 games straight and has still yet to set foot on the ice,until today. (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Today Nathan Horton took to the ice for a ‘light skate’ to see how he felt. While there is still no time table for his return. While it is great to see him back on the ice, Claude Julien warned the media not to read too much into the situation stating;

“With Nathan it’s just going out there and nothing more than getting a feel of how things are and nothing more than that. He’s not close to joining us, but still keeping our fingers crossed that it’s going in the right direction.”-Claude Julien (via ESPN Boston)

Despite missing the last 34 games due to a “mild” concussion, Horton remains in good spirits and is thinking positive of the situation. In fact, he was caught having a laugh with Tuukka Rask earlier today by Boston Bruins TV.

Photo via @NHLBruins


Julien hasn’t asked the forward anything about hockey as he feels it isn’t his job, he doesn’t want to pressure Horton. He did say that Horton had good color today and that Horton seemed happy which are always good signs.

So Bruins fans, while there is still no time table for a return, there IS in fact progress being made, cheers to that!


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