Operation Shutdown Ovechkin

Chara is ready to Overtake Ovechkin (Credit: Cerebusfangirl/Flickr)

It’s no surprise that come Thursday the Boston Bruins biggest threat will be forward Alexander Ovechkin. As pointed out by VC Chillin, our first round Aerys blog rival that I encourage you to all read up on, Ovechkin is the only Cap with 30+ goals, and 60+ points. Meaning Ovechkin will have a giant red bullseye on his back starting on Thursday. So who’s the man that was given the taste to shut down Ovechkin at all costs. Well it’s none other than oh captain my captain Zdeno Chara. And Chara couldn’t be more prepared.

“It’s something that motivates me,” said Chara. “It’s something that . . . I enjoy competing against the best players. Obviously they have a few great players on their team. Sometimes the matchups are hard to get, especially on the road. But when you do get them, you want to make the best of them. Overall, I love to compete, I love to work hard against whoever I’m playing against.”(VIA CSNNE)

Chara will be paired with Dennis Seidenberg in hopes that they will recreate the magic that was last year’s Stanley Cup run. The Capitals have a lot of talent besides Ovechkin offensively but it is no secret that if the Bruins want to beat Washington they’ll need to keep number 8 quiet. What better way than 6’9″ defenseman?

“The big thing is Chara against Ovechkin,” Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli said. “Chara takes pride in shutting down Ovechkin, so I think obviously you’re going to see that matchup.”(VIA WEEI)

So I have to ask is it Thursday yet?!


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