Keep Believing Boston; Game 6 Recap

Seguin scored his first goal of the playoffs when it counted! (Credit:Slidingsideways/Flickr)

Today’s matinee game was do or die time for the Boston Bruins in D.C. after an awful game five finish against the Washington Capitals. Fortunately it was do thanks to an AMAZING overtime goal by Tyler Seguin. Yeah you read that correctly out of six games the two teams have played, three have gone into overtime. This is definitely not good for my health.

Anyway this game went back and fourth literally down to the final buzzer in regulation. A positive that I would like to note is that the Bruins were first to get on the score board five minutes into the first. I was even more happy to see that it was Rich Peverley that got the goal because to me Pevs is one of the most underrated players we have. The Bruins carried that momentum on in the first with another goal from David Krejci. It was good to see players that have been slacking a bit pick up the energy.

But like I said this game was anyone’s win. There were moments that I thought this could be the end of the B’s this season but thanks to my friends and my twitter I kept on believing. Seguin’s goal could not have come to a better deserving person considering he was the leading scorer for the team and was well not scoring thus far in the playoffs.You can relive it here:

The goaltending on both ends has been phenomenal. Tim Thomas and Braden Holtby are literally giving this game all they have and it shows. Between both teams there were 70 shots on net and only 7 went through. Every game thus far has been decided by one goal which is terrifying to watch.

Wednesday is game 7 where both teams will lay it all on the line. For one (hopefully Boston) they will advance to the semi finals. For the other, it’ll be the end of the road.

If you want the Washington perspective on this series, check out VC Chillin.



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