Stay In It: Game 6 Preview

Bruins looking to hold on in Game 6 (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

The Bruins are holding on for dear life today as they head to Washington for the sixth game of the Eastern Conference Quarter Final.  The focus today needs to be capitalization. The Bruins have been able to muster plenty of shots against stellar performer Braden Holtby, but they are lacking in getting pucks past him.

Main points to focus on:

  • Shooting the puck: The Bruins have been doing a decent job at putting pucks in the general direction of the net, but they are trying to rely on scoring opportunities based on plays from forwards like Seguin and Bergeron, players that are being stopped by the defense. If the Bruins take more shots from the blue line or top of the circle, they can produce off of the rebound opportunities.
  • REBOUNDS!!! I can not stress this one enough. Rebounds have been an on-going issue with the Bruins in this series, they have missed some GOLDEN opportunities from missed rebounds, thus putting them down three games to two. They need to crash the net and Hard to bang the pucks in. This is where the majority of their goals against the Capitals are going to come from. None of the fancy stuff they have been pulling.
  • Depth: In order to produce shots on net, the Bruins are going to need to play deep into the offensive zone ,something that the Capitals tend to dislike. The Caps defense doesn’t like to play deep into their own zone, they are more of a neutral zone trap team. They capitalize on turnovers with forwards like Semin, Ovechkin and Beagle. If they can get the puck past the defense, they have a better chance at more shots on net and rebounds.
  • FOCUS: The Bruins need to focus. We’ve all seen the way that the Capitals play. It, at times, is gritty and dirty and yes, there have been cheap shots thrown from both sides. The Bruins need to look past that, they need to focus on what their goal is and today, that oal is to not get eliminated in the first round.


Today’s game is at 3pm EST on NBC, the Bruins need to buckle down and play some true Boston hockey, it’s far too early to be eliminated.


For a different perspective, take a look at VC Chillin‘ or simply mock the enemy if you please.


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