Busted Up and Burnt Out

19 months and just under 200 games later the Bruins season came to a halt but not without enduring some pain along the way. Last season it was stated that the Bruins had luck on their side, suffering from little injuries and overcoming humongous obstacles. Sadly, it was a routine that couldn’t keep up with the constant beat down and physicality of every game and the Bruins became flawed.

In the beginning the biggest upset came from the loss of Nathan Horton, especially heading into the playoffs. While Horton tried to overcome his injury in time for the payoffs, it wasn’t in the cards for him. With the absence of Horton, the Bruins were without a Game 7 clincher, a strong asset that they had last season. Fortunately, Chiarelli has stated that Horton is expected to have a full recovery by the beginning of the 2012-2013 season.

As if being without Horton wasn’t hard enough on the Bruins, they lost their alternate goaltender to injury as well.  Tuukka Rask had just started getting a decent amount of playing time and making a name for himself when he pulled his groin/abdomen muscles making a stop against the New York Islanders. Primarily this wouldn’t have been a major issue for the Bruins, had their AHL call-up Anton Khudobin not been injured as well, leaving the Bruins with Mike Hutchinson as their only choice. Granted, they took on Turco for the remaining month, but after playing overseas, the NHL proved to be a struggle for the veteran goaltender. Thankfully Khudobin was ready in time for the playoffs, making a stellar debut in the last regular game of the season instilling confidence in the fans of Boston.

Through the first few games of the Washington Capitals series the Bruins fought hard and battled for every puck, showcasing spectacular playoff hockey. However, hard fought battles led to grueling injuries, some which were known while others you wouldn’t have had a clue. After Game 5 defenseman Joe Corvo sat out with what appeared to be a knee-injury, while Patrice Bergeron battled through pain. It wouldn’t be until after the playoffs were said and done that the media would be told he suffered from a torn oblique.(Ouch!)

While the fans of Boston knew that something was up with Bergeron(as he wasn’t taking face-offs or playing to his full potential), the fact of the matter remained that he was in the line up. If it weren’t for his oblique injury Bergeron would be attending the World Championships like teammates Zdeno Chara(Slovakia),despite having a broken nose, and David Krejci (Czech), representing Team Canada.

Along with Bergeron, another key forward was injured throughout the tail end of the season. Sophomore Superstar Tyler Seguin suffered from a displaced tendon on his middle finger on his left hand. The injury occurred on the team’s last visit to the Florida Panthers in March. When asked about the injury Seguin stated:

“I have to talk to the doctors, but I’ll definitely need something. In the first period during my second shift the tendon came out. It was one of those things that I had to playing through at the end of the season and the playoffs,” said Seguin. “It wasn’t going to get any worse, so as long as I could bear the pain. It’s a couple of weeks of recovery after I get it done.”(via NECN.com)

It is amazing to think of the amount of pain the majority of this team went through in the final stretch. Knowing all of this information now, it is no wonder they looked worn out during the last couple games. While it is unfortunate they were unable to extend their Cup streak, this break couldn’t have come at a better time for the B’s. They can all focus solely on getting healthy and coming out as a stronger and better team for the 2012-2013 season. Something we are all counting down the days for.



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