Bruins fans, is it October Yet?

Just remembering the good times with Lord Stanley (Credit: Ariana Chapin)

So this post has been a long time coming because if you follow A Cup A Bruin (like you should) then you would know I haven’t been very active since last Wednesday when the Bruins were knocked out the playoffs. Every time I would go to write my end of the season thoughts, I would start pouting about the fact that I’m writing an end of the season thought with no Stanley Cup in hand. But fear not Bruins fans because I’ve finally pulled myself together and here are my end of the year thoughts!

1)Injuries plagued the 2011-2012 season.
Going into the playoffs without Nathan Horton just seems wrong. Mr. Game 7 wasn’t there for Game 7 due to season ending concussion. Not to mention Horton is just an asset in general for the team. In good news, he is expected to have a full recovery by the start of the next season. Also notably absent for the playoff run was Adam McQuaid who was also out with a concussion though it was originally thought to be just a cut above his eye. McQuaid is a huge defenseman for the team and playing against the Washington Capitals proved to be difficult for the B’s because they were missing him.

2)The one man goalie show.
Once again the fate of the playoffs rested on Tim Thomas’ shoulders. Actually most of the season it was on Thomas to seal wins. After Tuukka Rask was placed on the injury list, it was up to Timmy to consistently get the start minus a guest appearance or two from Marty Turco. Thomas delivered for the most part but I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be his last season. Not that I don’t believe in Thomas because I know he is definitely strong enough to return for the 2012-2013 season. He is entering his final season in his contract and his no-trade clause will expire this summer. It’ll be interesting to watch what happens with the goal tending situation during off season.

3)Sophomore season slump? Not for Tyler Seguin!
In his second season in the NHL, not only did Seguin score a team high 29 goals and 38 assists but he managed to become the youngest player to lead in team scoring in the Bruins franchise history. Seguin was the reason the B’s were able to make it to a game 7 thanks to a beautiful overtime goal which you can check out below. Needless to say I think he’s on his way to a third season of success.

This season ended too soon as we all know so now all we have to do is make it to October! Stick with Steph and I this summer as we’ll be keeping you up to date with prospect reports, who’s returning, who’s leaving, and just what to look forward too. And remember ALWAYS believe in Boston!

P.S: Since this season is over, I’ve jumped on the L.A Kings bandwagon in support of former UMass hockey goalie Jonathan Quick! If I can’t support my black and gold in the playoff’s, I’m going to support my UMass maroon and white =)


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