McQuaid Making Progress

McQuaid is making progress (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

Defenseman Adam McQuaid has had one heck of a ride throughout the 2011-2012 NHL season.  He played in 72 games for the Bruins this season, missing five games in October due to illness/injury along with the end of the season with an eye injury turned concussion he sustained on March 28.  Granted, we wouldn’t know of this ‘concussion’ until after the playoffs were said and done, but Bruins fans knew if a member of the squad wasn’t participating due to a ‘cut’, there was definitely more to the story. Especially given the amount of body sacrifices McQuaid endured throughout the season.

McQuaid suffered from an eye injury on March 28 after a hit into the boards placed by Capitals forward Jason Chimera. He sustained a severe cut above the eye and after trying to play against Ottawa on April 5, determined he didn’t feel quite right and left the game. It was later determined that McQuaid had suffered a concussion and was sidelined with a day-to-day time table for return.

“It was tough to tell the trainers, but I felt like I had to. We just looked further into it, and you know it’s not something you can necessarily play through – it’s not smart to.” McQuaid said in an interview with Bruins reporter John Bishop, “If it’s any other injury normally you can play through it, but something like this you’ve got to be smart with.”(via Bruins News)

It has been 41 days since Adam sustained the initial injury and has stated that he feels a lot more like himself and is looking forward to playing next season(and for many more seasons to come).

“I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to complete 100 percent and training hard, and I’m really looking forward to getting things going for next year.”(via Bruins News)

By the sounds of things, the Bruins are using their off season to get themselves in 100% good health and back into the Stanley Cup Winning Team we all know and love. With McQuaid making progress and Nathan Horton not far behind him, the future of this Organization is beginning to look quite bright Bruins fans. Thankfully there is only roughly five months left to go before the new season!




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