Daily Countdown: 129 Days

Seguin got some new ink this Memorial Day Weekend (Credit: @TylerSeguin92)

We here at A Cup A Bruin hope everyone had a fun and sun filled Memorial Day weekend. While the big news this weekend was the Zach Hamill/ Chris Bourque trade, Tyler Seguin kept the fans entertained with constant Twitter updates as to what he was up too.

The biggest update was a new tattoo. Now if you’ve seen pictures of him previously online then you know he ¬†previously had “Seguin” written down his left arm. Well as of yesterday that tattoo has been covered up with the one above. The picture was uploaded to Twitter around 10 last night and was all over Tumblr by 10:05 with fans trying to figure out what the tattoo meant.

The numbers appear to be the birth years of his parents and two sisters. And then the tree stems from the numbers. Overall it’s a pretty cool tattoo and with the pic upload Seguin sent out a taunt to fellow tattoo lover Andrew Ference , who recently got some new ink of his own.

129 Days to go! Until then #BeatTheHeat! Go Celtics!


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