Daily Countdown: 127 Days

Andrew Ference with Governor Duvall Patrick (Credit: Twitter/ @NHLBruins)

Bruins fans as you may or may not know we have a player with a mighty green thumb that goes by the name of Andrew Ference. Yesterday, Ference along with Massachusetts Governor Duvall Patrick toured Boston’s ‘Innovation District’ to get a look at all the ways the city of Boston is planning to go green.

Ference does many things to stay green including riding his bike, taking the T, composting, and driving an energy efficient car. As Ference does live with his wife and two daughters in Boston, it’s extremely important to him that he live in an eco-friendly environment.

“I’ve learned a ton and it really makes me proud to be a resident here,” Ference said of his home base in Massachusetts. “It’s made myself and my family really want to stay after hockey and make this home.” (Via Bruins Official Site).

B’s fans with all this time we have without hockey this summer maybe we should look towards ways to stay green! Oh and while we’re at it with the green keeping showing support for your Boston Celtics! BELIEVE!



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