Daily Countdown: 123 Days

Tuukka Rask is our man next season (Credit: Flickr/Bridget Samuels)

Today is Tuukka Rask appreciation day here at A Cup A Bruin! With just 123 days to go until hockey season begins, Rask is still in need of a new deal with the Bruins. And with Tim Thomas jumping ship, Rask’s value on the team is more important then ever.

Let us remember that there was a point last season when Tuukka and Timmy were 1 & 2 in the league. Rask wasn’t even the primary starter. Unfortunately, an groin/abdominal strain in early March put Tuukka on the sidelines.

Here are his 2011-2012 statistics:
23 games, 11-8-3, 2.05 GAA, .929 save percentage, 3 shutouts

Like I said Timmy was getting the bulk of the starts, but everytime it was TUUKKA TIME, the 25 year old was easily outperforming Thomas.

There’s no question in my mind that Raskt should be resigned. Not only is the future of the Bruins goaltender because of his young age, he is the best guy for the starting job. Don’t believe me? Check out some of his best saves:

So everyone get ready for a Tuukka filled season. He’s a player that has expressed interest in playing in Boston and doesn’t look like he plans to step away from hockey anytime soon.  And well what we need now are committed players.



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