Daily Countdown: 122 Days/ McQuaids Return

Can't wait to have McQuaid back in action next season! (Credit: Flickr/ Slidingsideways)

With all the not so happy news come from the Boston Bruins camp lately, a bright light of positive has arrived. B’s defenseman Adam McQuaid has been cleared of concussion symptoms for TWO weeks now meaning he is getting back into the swing of working out and will be 100% ready to go for next season.

If you all know, McQuaid strong presence was definitely missed during the first round of playoffs for the Bruins after getting the concussion in a March 29th game against the Washington Capitals. My that’s ironic.

Anyway, there was worry that this concussion would linger into the upcoming season considering for a 25-year-old McQuaid has had his share of hits. But I am very happy to report that he is feeling much better.

“I’ve been feeling like myself pretty much for a few weeks now,” said McQuaid. “I’m feeling pretty good and starting to ramp up the training. Everything has been good thus far.” (Via CSNNE)

The video above is just a small glimpse into the force to be reckoned with that is Darth Quaider!


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