Return of Recchi

Mark Recchi could be coming back to Boston (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

For the better part of the last week, when mention of the beasts of the East come into play, the number one topic of conversation has revolved around goaltender Tim Thomas and his not-so-flawless break-up with the Bruins via social media.  However, in the midst of the every day Thomas drama, Bruins fans have been missing out on some pretty great news. For instance, Mark Recchi. Yes, you can sigh relief now. It’s quite nice to hear a name like Mark Recchi after such a dramatic week of events, am I right?

Recchi, who has played in 1,652 hockey games since 1988 has stated that he would like to become a part of the NHL and has already been in contact with a few organizations, including the Bruins.  Coincidentally, Recchi has just finished his own year off from the NHL, at least on the pro-level.  He spent his year coaching his son’s hockey team in his hometown and enjoyed spending time with his family. Sounds similar to Thomas’ needs in his official exit statement, right?

Regardless, Recchi is ready to come back, granted he isn’t suiting up again, he is making moves. Although, he did let it slip that had he been asked last season, he would have come back, according to an interview with Boston Herald.

“If I had gotten a call, I probably would have come back,” said Recchi. “I know I would have been in a pretty limited role. But just to be in the dressing room to help them, yeah, I would have thought about it, sure. I never heard from anyone.”(via

In looking for an office roll, one can assume that he is also going to be in negotiations with the Dallas Stars, considering his ties to owner Tom Gaglardi, a Kamloops Blazer connection. However, he has already had a few conversations with Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, who stated that he expects more of those conversations in the future.

While Recchi isn’t looking for a coaching position, he also managed to make his presence known behind the bench for the CHL Prospects Game back in February for Team Cherry. However, Recchi states that he wants to focus on different aspects of the game, such as drafting, of setups, of the future, of business.

Boston Herald’s reporter Stephen Harris hypothesizes that Recchi will be an NHL General Manager within the next five years. While he doesn’t state for which team, one can only be led to assume that he would be every bit as good at this aspect of the job as he was on the ice.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Recchi said with a laugh. “But I’d definitely like to be a part of an organization, with some influence — hopefully good influence — and win a championship.”

Well Bruins fans, with the departure of Tim Thomas casting a dull shadow over the past week illuminating the rain in the NorthEast even more, this provides a break of daylight for you. Seems to me Mr. Thomas could learn a thing or two from Recchi.


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