Daily Countdown: 114 Days

Horton Hears A ...GOALLLLL (Credit: Flickr/Slidingsideways)

Happy Game 6 …of last year between your Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks. This years Stanley Cup Finals may have just ended but here at a Cup A Bruin we’re living in last year and this time last year our boys were heading into a MUST WIN Game 6. And as we know they did.

Four goals in 4 minutes and 14 seconds and the Bruins had chased Roberto Luongo out goal once again. This game was over after that first period but the B’s did manage to score twice more before the game came to a close.

If you’re looking to relive the goals and the moments that made this game awesome check out this video:

What made Game 6 truly magical for fans was an appearance by Nathan Horton, who post season was cut short earlier in the series. Anyway, after an amazing video montage, Horty was shown at the arena waving a rally towel and pumped up the crowd. The Bruins were already up by having Horton there I think got them even more determined to pick up the win.
Here’s the montage along with Horton reaction to the crowds ovation: (side note everytime I watch this I ball like a baby)

That right there is what being a Bruin and what being a Bruins fan is all about!

With hockey season officially over, the countdown in all hockey fans minds is OCTOBER and we’re 114 days away.


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