Nominations anyone?

As many of you, our readers, could have guessed by now Ariana and myself are avid Bruins fans. Today posted an article regarding a contest. A contest for which people must be nominated. This contest is for “Boston’s Best Sports Fan.” You see what you do is e-mail and tell them that you know a couple of ladies that should be picked as Boston’s biggest sports fans. Now, granted I can only speak for myself on this one, but if you need more ammo, you can use the fact that on EVERY game day, I wear my Seguin jersey-shirt or Pouliot jersey-shirt. For the regular season, every time I wore the Seguin shirt the team would win, so I wouldn’t wash the shirt and would wear it only on game days. For post-season, I switched to Pouliot’s and well, we see how well his statistics were post-season. To say I am a little superstitious is an understatement. I also refuse to make any plans on game day, I can count exactly three games that I missed the entire 2011-2012 season due to working late or a family emergency. Did I mention that I also wear these shirts to my place of work, despite having a dress code of a uniformed red tee?  During the hockey season I am allowed to support my team without getting reprimanded. Thankfully, they understand and endure my passion for the Bruins.

As for Ariana well, let’s just say she gets REALLY involved with the games. She lives in a three story house and watches every game alone. Why? Because EVERYONE in the house can tell whether the Bruins are winning or losing based on her yelling. Yeah, she gets that into it. And while she may not be able to wear her shirt to work like I can, she still manages to get away with it. The entire Stanley Cup run in 2011, she wore her Nathan Horton shirt underneath her uniform, EVERY game day.

Hmm and did I also mention that during the 2011-2012 playoffs, the meat department at my store did this:


And that For Christmas my entire tree was decorated with these:
Oh and that for my twenty-first birthday my five year old sister decorated this cake for me with the Bruins logo:

Now, you try and tell us that we aren’t die hard, superstitious fans that are deserving of this honor. If you can come up with something better than that, than by all means, nominate yourself, but don’t be afraid to tell us your story! We want to hear how crazy you guys can get too!

Oh and while we essentialy would like you to nominate us, there are also a group of other Boston sports writers on this site that deserve equal recognition such as:

New England Patriots Writer: The Foxhole

Kristen Jane

Boston Red Sox Writers: Fenway Fatales

Rebecca Binder

Stacy Johnson

Steph Dorio

Boston Celtics Writers:

K. Millin


For more information read the official article from here.


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