Players Playlists

As I was sitting around here thinking to myself while listening to music, I couldn’t help but to think of a few of the Bruins when I heard certain songs. Coincidentally I came up with this great idea to write an article based on songs. Granted this is a similar type article to that of “The Pulse” Tune In Tuesdays, however, I am doing a theme song for each current member of the Bruins team. The first song and/or player that comes to my mind is:

Shirt off by Blank featuring Young Ivy

Hmm, lets see, who does this make you think of? Perhaps a twenty-five year old Brad Marchand and twenty year-old Tyler Seguin, celebrating the Stanley Cup win in 2011?

Next would have to be a song that makes me think of Joe Corvo. A song that is played generally when a team gets knocked out of the playoffs or loses, much like Joe Corvo is leaving Boston. It’s fitting.

…Or this is equally fitting for Joe Corvo:

And what would this playlist be without the song that reminds us of Tim Thomas, our vacation seeker who likes to complicate things:

This next one would be for our not-so-slick on skates, clumsy Adam McQuaid:

Well, going a little bit further down the roster, I can’t help but think of our key enforcer Shawn Thornton every time I hear this song. Why, well, think about it.

And what would an enforcer be without one of his key instigators? You guys can’t tell me you don’t think of Milan Lucic when you hear this song:

As for Big Z, well, what better song would fit him than “Move” by Thousad Foot Krutch.Every time I hear this song I picture a highlight reel of Zdeno Chara’s biggest hits.

As for Nathan Horton, well I consider him to be the most inspirational person on the team what with his efforts in Game 7 with the water bottle and his constant efforts to get back on the ice. This is what makes me think of him:

Then we have our lovely goaltender Tuukka Rask, generally I have to give him a traditional song the ever so glorious Pat Benatar hit:

For Dougie Hamilton who is making his way up in the system I have to go with the CLASSIC:

Oh Benny Pouliot, ever since Ariana and I were discussing the possibility of you being traded this song has forever made me think of you. (For the record, I sincerely hope you do NOT get traded and if you do I hope it isn’t to the Jets)

As for alternate Captain Chris Kelly, I have to go with this one based on the enormous and infamous ‘Chain’.

For those of you that didn’t see the chain:

Chris Kelly sports the new piece of jewelry in the B's locker room (Credit:

Well, this one speaks for itself:

Based on this hit that Paille got served with:

I have to say that this makes me think of him:

What better song to make you think of our environmentalist Andrew Ference than a Michael Jackson piece:

For some odd reason when I hear this song, I can’t help but think of David Krejci’s struggle this season. Now granted this might be a little awkward, but still listen to the songs and try to put it into his perspective if you will:

What better song for Patrice Bergeron than “I Am Perfection”:

While this may not contain every player on the team, I think I have put you through enough crazy madness for one article. Stay tuned to see what we come up with next!






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