Bruins One Year Stanley Cup Champs Anniversary

One year...Seems like yesterday (Credit:

To think today one year ago was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals Bruins/Canucks. Both teams went into this game winning 3 games and really it could have been either ones win. Fortunately the B’s took it home with a 4-0 shut out. And after 39 LONG years, the cup returned to Boston.

Now if you’re looking to relive all the goals and the wonderfulness that was this game check out the video below:

This moment will forever put a smile on my face:

And like I said the Bruins WON so here’s a beautiful celebration video of the victory (warning this might cause you to cry…because I did):

The B’s won in Vancouver and needless to say Canucks fan’s were not too thrilled so they rioted.

Meanwhile in Boston…I being under the age of 21 at the time wasn’t able to watch the game at a bar so I took to my nearest Friday’s to sit in the bar area and watch the game with my friends. Fingers crossed up until the final buzzer and it took me a few minutes after and some random sir playing “We Are the Champions” on the jukebox to realize we had won. So with the B’s goal song blaring, my friend and I drove to the T station and hopped on the train to celebrate in the city with the rest of the Bruins fans. So I guess we rioted too…but in a peaceful AHH moment kind of riot. The cops were out and I asked one if he was excited and he said he wished he could be jumping around too.

Note the GOT addition to the sign!

I was just a little bit excited that we won...just a little bit 😉

So today in honor of the victory, I will be repping my B’s with pride and re-watching my Stanley Cup Champions DVD. Hopefully instead of waiting another 39 years for the cup, we’ll only have to wait one!


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