Daily Countdown: 109 Days

Chara & Thomas at the parade! Yes I was that close (Credit:Nicole Murphy)

Happy Stanley Cup Champions Parade…well one year anniversary of the parade!

If for some reason you had to work that day or couldn’t make it  to Boston you can watch it here:

My favorite part of that video is that it’s from a fans perspective aka you can pretend you were there.

Now I was there and I got there at 7:30 in the morning to guarantee a front row spot and to pick up some free signs.
Free Signs FTW!

Since I was there so early, my friends and I were anxiously waiting just to see a player, or something Bruins related. And then I heard shrieking down the street and someone yell “OH MY GOD SEGS” to which I just laughed. But then this happened:

Good Morning Tyler (Credit: Kaitlin McCarey)

Yeah I was just a bit excited! And that made getting up that early even more worth it. But the parade started and it was everything I had wanted it to be and so much more.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the Horton family because well they are just too precious not to include in this post:

(Credit: Katilin McCarey)

What other city has duck boats for parade floats?!

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