Daily Countdown: 94 Days

Tuukka Rask (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

We are yet another day closer to the start of Boston Bruins hockey people. We are in the double digits and getting that much closer to seeing the men in Black and Gold that seem to make the days problems vanish. There are only ninety-four days until we welcome Chris Kelly, Gregory Campbell and Daniel Paille back to Boston. Ninety-four days until we congratulate Tuukka Rask on becoming the starting goal keeper and welcome Anton Khudobin to the big league. Ninety-four days until Zdeno Chara plants his first hit against the Philadelphia Flyers(hopefully Tom Sestito). Ninety-four days until we see #18 skating on the ice alongside Milan Lucic and David Krejci. Ninety-four days until we begin, yet another countdown, of when defenseman Adam McQuaid will lose his footing and injure himself…again (I’m a firm believer we need to invent bubbles for the clutz skaters, ahem…McQuaid) The countdown continues on and until the opening day, we promise to continue to keep you up to date on anything and everything Bruins hockey related. Ninety-four days and counting. . .


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