To Russia With Love

Photo Credit: Dave Arnold Photography

Today the Boston Bruins and Alex Khokhlachev reached an agreement regarding where he will be playing in the upcoming season. As it stands, the Bruins 2011 second-round pick will play for the KHL’s Spartak club. Once this season concludes he will come back to Boston and play for the Bruins Organization.  Commencing July 1, he will be signing an entry-level contract.

Had the Bruins not locked down the rights to Khokhlachev, there is a a good possibility we would not have seen him in the black and gold.

His year in Russia will not count towards the three-year contract with Boston.  He is still taking part in the Bruins training camp this fall before heading back to Russia. Currently, the lacerated kidney he suffered from at the tail end of the season is still giving the forward some issues at developmental camp, but is expected to make a full recovery by the fall camp.

When asked about playing in the KHL:

“It’s the second best league in the world.” (via Joe Haggerty)


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