Bruins Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to center Rich Peverley (Credit:flickr/slidingsideways)

Not only is it 81 days until Bruins hockey is back in our lives, but today we celebrate the birth of one of our beloved B’s. Today is Rich Peverley‘s 30th birthday and we can only hope he’s celebrating appropriately! So in honor of Pev’s lets take a look at the centers time as a Bruin.

This season Peverley posted 11 goals and 31 assists and while that’s not the most amazing stats, he was battling injury a lot of the season and played in only 57 games.

October 8th against the Tampa Bay Lightning was prime Peverley time as he scored not only his 1st goal of the season but his 2nd.

Here’s a look at the first goal:

Peverley is signed to the Bruins through the 2014-15 season which means his time is Boston is not over anytime soon. This upcoming season I think so long as he remains healthy will be a good season. I definitely see Peverley as a player that could be an asset on our ever failing power play.

So let’s send our birthday wishes to Peverley and start getting excited as we’re getting closer and closer to October.


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