Seguin,Seguinistas and Speed Dating, Oh My!

Tyler Seguin (Photo Credit: Steph Phillips)

When you think of Boston’s most eligible bachelor, who is the first single young male that comes to mind? For most, including the PR department for the Lowell Spinners, it’s Bruins forward Tyler Seguin. On Wednesday, August 15, Tyler is going to be participating in speed dating. Yes ladies, you read that correct, Tyler will be speed dating during a baseball game.  As if this doesn’t have you salivating at the mouth already, how about we take a closer look at the details of this event:

“Fans will have the opportunity throughout the evening to win a chance to spend time with the B’s All-Star during the game, and each winner will be allowed to bring their family to spend five minutes with Seguin in a private suite at the ballpark in Lowell.”(via

I’m going to make the general assumption that I probably just lost half of my readers at this point, due to the fact that you either passed out from overload or you’re just screaming and running around your house saying “Oh my God!!” For the other half of you, the 25% that are staring at the screen can close their jaws and the other 25%, keep laughing because it only gets better.

Seguin already has plenty of baggage to get harped on in the locker room this season with his tweets with Mike Del Zotto of the Rangers and his underwear shoots. But teammate Andrew Ference couldn’t wait until the season started to get in on this action:

Unfortunately for Seguin there won’t be a rose ceremony at the end of this dating game, unless perhaps he brings a rose for his special sweetheart he decides to choose on his own. Being a bachelor fan, it is a possibility ladies.My guess is that perhaps the rose would do the trick considering Dunkin Donuts’ Valentines Day event didn’t help Seguin find love:

And if that wasn’t bad enough, you also had the AT&T Your House or Mine event where you entered to win a ‘party’ with Seguin and your friends. (YIKES!)

So, if you’re in town August 15 and are a big Tyler Seguin fan, look into going to the Lowell Spinners game, you’re guaranteed to have a good time, if not a great laugh at all of the Seguinistas and Seguin himself.  Make sure you get tons of pictures for us if you go and e-mail them to so we can use them and feature you in a post!




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