Bruins Birthday Twin

Happy Birthday Marc! (Credit: Flickr/Victoria Welch)

Today as I turn the big 21+1, one of the Boston Bruins turns 35. Though you haven’t seen him play in a little while, today is Marc Savards birthday. I can think of no better Bruin to share my birthday with, just saying!

As we all know Savard hasn’t playing in a game since  January 23, 2011 due to a hindering concussion that has been following the forward since 2010. And unfortunately it doesn’t appear that he’ll be back on the ice anytime soon.

But Bruins fans will forever love Savvy for the many seasons he’s had for the black and gold so today we’re sending him some birthday love with a look at a few of the moments that made Savard a star for the Bruins.

This video is from the 2010 playoffs in which he got the OT game winner in game 1 against the Philadelphia Flyers:

And this one is a tribute video featuring some pretty awesome goals. Tribute videos on birthday are pretty key if you ask me:

Here’s to hoping that 35 means a healthier year for Marc Savard and that his post concussion symptoms will diminish.

If you want, you can send Savvy some bday love here!

72 more days til hockey season, now that’s how I plan on using my birthday money!


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