Bruins and Baseball

Paille at Fenway. (Credit: Bruins official Twitter)

As we all know come October, the only sport on our minds will be hockey. But to pass the time, we’ll have to settle with America’s favorite past time, baseball. And it looks as though fans aren’t the only ones as today four members of the Bruins took to Fenway Park for batting practice.

Tuukka Rask, Shawn Thornton, Daniel Paille, and Mike Mottau joined the Boston Red Sox for their pregame routine before the Soxs took the plate against the Rangers. Hockey players trading in their sticks for bats may seem kind of odd but in Boston it’s not uncommon. After last years Stanley Cup victory, the boys made their way to Fenway to deliver the opening pitch which you can watch here:

Out of all four guys, it was Tuukka time that managed to hit the ball to the Green Monster. I saw Rask play at last year’s Rock and Jock softball game, and he does in fact have a pretty decent swing.  Here’s a shot of Tuukka getting ready to drive it to the monster:

Homerun? Probably not (Credit: Bruins official Twitter)


With training camp right around the corner, the boys are starting to make their way to Boston which means that yes, hockey season is almost upon us.

But for now try and enjoy the Red Soxs and baseball, even though we all know it’s not the same!



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